The Graduation Committee (GradComm for short) is made up of a group of energetic fourth year students who are in charge of fundraising and planning events for the graduating class. The Committee is made up of two students from each society who are elected in their 3B terms. They are also responsible for recruiting volunteers to help plan the events and class representatives to help communicate all the important information to each class.

The main events run by the Graduation Committee are:

1. Gradball – run every Winter term
2. IRS – run every Winter term
3. Yearbook
4. Pubcrawls – run all year round
5. D.U.S.T.E.D. – run once per term

The main fundraising initiatives to support these events are:

1. GradComm Pizza Sales – every Wednesday at lunch
2. Pubcrawl T-Shirt Sales – every Thursday/Friday before a pubcrawl
3. GradComm 50/50 – run at every Engineering Society Meeting throughout the year
4. IRS Auction – run during the week leading up to IRS

The Graduation Committee Chairs for 2016 are:

ASoc – Jillian Adams (Mechanical) and Kacie LeBlanc (Chemical)
BSoc – Sofia Loureiro (Systems) and Cody Bechberger (Nano)


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